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  • A Resolution for Gratitude

    By Linnea Sieh MA, LLPC, NCC

    Resolutions. Does this word scare you? Do you make and keep resolutions? Or do they just cause stress and annoyance? Many people make resolutions to be healthier, spend more time
    with family, do more things that give us joy, or learn a new skill. Do any of us make resolutions to make room for self-care and relaxation?

    It’s not always easy to remember to take time for the things that relax us. We have a tendency to want to keep moving, to not stop, and push towards completing everything. But if you’re
    pushing forward so fast, you forget about the present, how can you gain everything you need from those moments?

    Whether or not you make resolutions this year, gratitude for the good things, taking time to stop and remember things you love, and things that bring you joy, can actually help you keep those resolutions.

    Gratitude is something that can be easily lost in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. One way to help remind yourself of things to be grateful for, or things to be proud of, is the make
    a Gratitude or Memory jar. This can be a jar, a bowl, a shoebox, anything really. In this container, you will put memories, ticket stubs, favorite sayings, funny moments, and
    things you are proud of. Keep a pad of paper next to it and a pen, so you can jot things down as you remember them. Make sure it is out in a visible place, so that you remember to write them
    down. Maybe try to have a time during the week where you add to it. Over the next year, if you’re having a rough day, reach in and pull out a memory and spend some time remembering
    the feeling that it gave you.

    Keep adding to it all year and then on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, dump them all out
    and go over your year. What did you do that brought you joy? Did you take any fun trips or try a
    new experience?

    Remembering memories and special events can bring you the same kinds of feelings you had
    when you were having the experience the first time. It might even keep you motivated to keep moving forward towards your goals!

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