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  • Jordyn Adams

    Graduate Clinical Intern

    Jordyn is in the process of completing her master’s degree in clinical mental health from Oakland University in August 2022. Jordyn has been a member of the Chi Sigma Iota Honor Society for the past two years. Her clinical training has provided her with experience working with older teens and adults coping with anxiety, depression, phase of life transitions, and aspects of grief.

    Jordyn mostly utilizes person-centered, cognitive-behavioral therapies and strength-based techniques. However, she is determined to provide the most effective experience for her clients and willing to adapt her counseling techniques to each client.

    Jordyn’s goal is to provide an welcoming, safe environment for individuals to grow and heal. She intends to collaborate with each client to empower them with encouragement and guidance. She understands that everyone has their own unique lived experiences and that each person deserves respect, understanding, and an open ear. Jordyn is privileged to meet and be a part of her clients’ therapeutic journeys.