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  • Deanna Freed


    Deanna, who most refer to as Dede, has 20+ years experience in the mental health field. Deanna completed her Bachelor’s degree in 1994 from Oakland University with a BA in Psychology & General business minor. During her undergraduate studies, she volunteered as a Telephone Crisis Counselor & was also trained in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree, Deanna worked as a youth mentor in various capacities & also had 5 years experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities while pursuing her Master’s degree in Social Work at Wayne State University.

    Deanna completed the MSW program at Wayne State in December 1999. Soon after earning her MSW, Deanna worked as a Social Worker at an inpatient psychiatric hospital and then eventually moved on to what she has found to be one of her passions – helping others gain renewed spirit, mental health, and well-being through various modalities in an outpatient setting.

    Therapy with Deanna is first Person Centered & Humanistic, and also incorporates: CBT, Solution-Focused, Stress management & relaxation strategies. Trauma Informed & Trauma Focused CBT are also utilized if there has been trauma experienced and/or PTSD symptoms are present. A priority for Deanna is in meeting people wherever they are to help them begin moving toward where they want to be in a strength-based approach.

    Deanna has many years experience providing Outpatient therapy for a variety of needs including individuals that have experienced complex trauma, PTSD, depression, bipolar, anxiety, family system difficulties, relationship issues, addiction and various other areas.

    Deanna has a National Certification in Trauma Focused CBT and also holds a certification as a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC). Deanna also has a strong interest in continuing to learn more about Energy Psychology & its increasing evidence of yet another avenue of regaining wholeness, balance & healing with emphasis on the mind, body, spirit connection. Deanna believes that some of our greatest gifts & opportunities for personal growth and expansion evolve through what begins as some of our greatest struggles – yet we can persevere, heal, grow and then we thrive.