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  • Kyle Vens

    MA, LLC, NCC

    Kyle received his Bachelor of Arts and Science degree at Oakland University in April 2019. During his undergraduate, he worked in a research lab studying post-traumatic growth and resilience. Through his experience, he gained valuable experience learning therapeutic techniques for individuals who have experienced trauma. Kyle graduated with his Masters in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Oakland University in August 2023. Kyle is an accredited limited license counselor.

    Kyle’s background has an emphasis on leadership development and Christian ministry. He works for an organization that specializes in promoting physical, occupational, emotional, and spiritual health in young adults. In the last five years, he has mentored over sixty young men and women, covering various spiritual and mental health topics. Through his time in this organization, he has gained experience in Christian counseling, career counseling, anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

    Throughout his graduate program at Oakland, he has taken research, addictions, theories, and career classes. In the fall of 2022, he completed practicum at Oakland Universities SEHS Counseling Center. Kyle completed his internship with All Things Possible Wellness Center in the spring of 2023. Kyle has worked with clients from a variety of socioeconomic statuses, life stages, and presenting symptoms. In his practicum and internship, he has gathered valuable insight and experience working with clients with various mental health concerns.

    Kyle strives to provide a holistic approach to counseling to meet the needs of his clients but leans towards Cognitive Behavioral approaches. Kyle believes that many stressors in life result from how we think about situations. He believes that by altering our views of the world, we can achieve healing and develop more effective coping skills. Kyle believes that, unintentionally, individuals can create ineffective thinking patterns that make their lives more challenging. We can reduce negative feelings by addressing and challenging negative thinking patterns to become more congruent with reality. In addition to Cognitive Behavioral approaches, he has experience utilizing Dialectical behavioral therapy, Exposure Response Prevention, Person-Centered Therapy, and Solution Focused approaches.

    Kyle enjoys working with clients of different ages, experiences, and mental health backgrounds. He has experience working with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, life transitions, obsessive-compulsive disorder, career choices, and self-confidence.

    In the fall of 2020, Kyle was ordained as a protestant pastor and enjoys learning about how faith can be implemented in mental health treatments. If the client is interested in incorporating spirituality/religion into their sessions, he would be honored to make it a part of the counseling process.